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Find an active outdoor partner

If you are looking to date an active outdoor partner and enjoy the outdoors hand in hand with a fellow enthusiast OR just find a few friends with same interests, then look no further.

Start searching summary profiles now with our easy-to-use Search function above to help you find people with similar outdoor interests, or use our handy Map function to help you to find people who live nearby. Take a look at our Forum and Invitations pages for up-to-date postings by Members.

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Thank you so much. Through you, I have met the man of my dreams!  Mountain Girl!  02/04/2021

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I met someone, thank you  Paul B  10/02/2021

Found someone already! Great site- thankyou!!!  On the go Jo  09/12/2020

I have met someone through your site. Thank you  PJay  26/10/2020

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I started this site in response to a need I perceived when speaking to single "outdoorsy" friends. With one in particular, a keen walker, we were discussing her engagement to a really nice guy she had met locally. Unfortunately he wasn't the "outdoor" type. His idea of sport was a Saturday morning in front of the telly with a beer. It was clear in our conversation that there was an area of her life that was missing from their relationship. When she spoke of the hills she spoke with a note of sadness in her voice, a sound of loss. The story was the same with other friends; they could meet perfectly nice acceptable partners through local friends and activities, but there was always something missing.

It was after these conversations that I resolved to start the site. To help like minded people get in contact. To avoid the sadness. Oh yeah ... and to make a bit of money.

Little did I know the emotional journey I was about to go on. The e-mails I received brought tears to my eyes on a regular basis. People feeling desperately lonely would write about how the site had brought new friends and joy to their lives. Others would speak of the discovery of their perfect partner and a new life they didn't expect. Still more would just overflow with thanks for unspecified benefits and merely ask that I "Keep up the good work."

In short, behind the anonymity of the internet there are Real People, with Real Lives.

If you're not already a member I hope you'll join our community and find your own share of joy.


Site Admin

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