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Yes - definitely: going4gold, Stroller, lbdb24, Wild Adventuress, Allthegearneeidea, SteveRoamingBiker, Jenny wren, SaltyMcSaltface, clarely, Dale, Kath_T, Helvellyn40
Yes - maybe: Andrew85, Wildflower walker, SueO, Anne Marie, busyBee
Sorry - can't come: Dudu, Bea (Pebbles), Bal, Lazlo Woodbine, Senor Smith

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busyBee   on 03/01/22 @ 18:15 said:

Sounds a good idea, splitting them up👍 I'll see nearer time 🙂

going4gold   on 03/01/22 @ 18:50 said:

V local to me so may join if free

Wildflower walker   on 03/01/22 @ 20:42 said:

Hi, I'll also see nearer the time but would like to join. Lis

lbdb24  on 17/01/22 @ 6:55 said:

Looking forward to it thanks

SteveRoamingBiker   on 17/01/22 @ 20:23 said:

Though it seems like a long way away everyone will be very welcome - as far as I remember I've only done Ingleborough out of the three Peaks. Looking forward to doing them all🙂

Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/01/22 @ 17:57 said:

Anyone going here for a bit longer as it's a long drive for one walk? There is plenty of camping for those who like to be hardy.

SteveRoamingBiker   on 21/01/22 @ 23:17 said:

I might fancy coming up on Saturday and doing a walk in the Howgills - a bit weather dependent, as I don't mind getting wet one day but not two in a row! There's a campsite in Dent, though not checked if it's open yet.

SteveRoamingBiker   on 29/01/22 @ 13:06 said:

An update: I've had no reply from the camp-site in Dent re the Saturday night so it looks like they're closed, no opening times shown on their website unfortunately.

SteveRoamingBiker   on 29/01/22 @ 17:19 said:

Another update: the campsite IS open - they've just emailed me!

Helvellyn40   on 29/01/22 @ 17:20 said:

SteveRoamingBiker: There are a couple of campsites down the road from Ribblehead, one in Horton, and another nearby, Crag hill farm campsite, maybe worth contacting them.

SteveRoamingBiker   on 31/01/22 @ 11:07 said:

Sorry HV our emails crossed. The campsite in Dent got back to me after a few days and said they are open!

SteveRoamingBiker   on 12/02/22 @ 12:10 said:

Please see updated description, I've shortened the route and made it slightly easier, it's now 11 miles.

NB in case it matters to anyone I'll be bringing my four legged friend (that's the dog, not the cat).

Senor Smith   on 15/02/22 @ 9:20 said:

Sorry Guys cant make it now......going Lanzorote instead 😃

SteveRoamingBiker   on 15/02/22 @ 15:01 said:

OK Senor, I can see why you might choose Lanzarote after the last couple of weeks in the UK 🙂! Hope you have a nice time.

going4gold   on 18/02/22 @ 9:43 said:

I’ll be bringing my boarder collie if that is ok. Does your dog get on with other dogs ? And do you think there is likely to be any livestock on the route ? ( won’t hold you to a negative answer on that last one but good to have an idea as my dog is young and I don’t trust her with sheep !)

SteveRoamingBiker   on 18/02/22 @ 21:24 said:

Hi - Of course it would be nice to have another dog with us - I must admit Max is not that great with dogs he doesn't know but he can go on the lead if he's any trouble - mosty he'll just ignore other dogs though, but he's a bit over-sensitive with his ball/stick etc! I've only had him a year and not quite worked out his behaviour yet...

The first & last mile or so is through farm fields and there will be sheep about, but the main bit on the fell will not have any sheep for six miles in the middle.

Even though it's going to be *much* warmer in three weeks time, I doubt the sheep will have been sent up into the hills to play by then 🙂

SaltyMcSaltface   on 05/03/22 @ 15:16 said:

Hi All
I've spoken to High Laning c/s at Dent to see if they're open and also that my coachbuilt
moho is welcome (it is).
Who is planning to camp there Fri and/ot Sat? If just me, I'll come by car as a day trip

SteveRoamingBiker   on 05/03/22 @ 20:14 said:

If the weather looks like being half-decent on Saturday I think I might well come up Saturday morning, do a short walk and camp in Dent Saturday night. I guess I'll see what it looks like doing later in the week.

SaltyMcSaltface   on 06/03/22 @ 9:42 said:

Sounds like a plan Steve- a walk on Sat sounds good too.

SteveRoamingBiker   on 10/03/22 @ 16:53 said:

Nice to see everyone joining up!

The weather for Sunday is a little mixed, there's some rain forecast as moving in Sunday, although the timing could easily be 12 hours out as we're still a few days out ... Expecting a bit of everything - weather-wise - would be sensible 🙂

So I've not yet decided about camping on Saturday night, I might even leave it until early Saturday morning to make up my mind! I don't mind camping in a bit of rain, but won't go out of my way to find it.

SaltyMcSaltface   on 10/03/22 @ 19:11 said:

Hi Steve/All
It does look pretty moist this w/end (Looking at
I'm going to come by car on Sunday morning.

SteveRoamingBiker   on 11/03/22 @ 14:24 said:

Quick update - the Sun Inn doesn't do food on Sunday so we'll go to the other pub the George and Dragon instead, dog friendly.

I'll book a table provisionally for ten to eat, we can adjust numbers on the day depending on who wants to eat in the evening. I'll book it for 5.30pm.

If you know you'll want to eat (or definitely won't!) please post here or text me 0790 965 6735 so I get a better idea of numbers. Thanks!

Helvellyn40   on 11/03/22 @ 17:22 said:

SteveRoamingBiker: Count me in for a meal please.

SaltyMcSaltface   on 11/03/22 @ 17:58 said:

Meal please.

Bea (Pebbles)   on 12/03/22 @ 20:52 said:

Good evening Steve
I am so sorry that I now can't make tomorrow's walk, which is a real shame as I would have loved meeting up with you all. I never done Whernside from Dent, so I am missing that great opportunity.
Thank you for putting this walk on in our beautiful Dales
Have a great time

SteveRoamingBiker   on 12/03/22 @ 21:59 said:

Sorry to hear that Bea, hope you have a good day anyway.

SteveRoamingBiker   on 12/03/22 @ 22:02 said:

Just another update:

I should have pointed out there are no cafés on this route - so you will need to bring any hot drinks you need. We'll have a coffee stop an hour and a half or so after the start.

We'll probably do the walk in reverse so we are not walking into the wind on the high ridge.

It will be very windy on the tops - please make sure you have some warm clothes, hat & gloves etc, unless you particularly enjoy being cold.

SteveRoamingBiker   on 14/03/22 @ 7:15 said:

Glad you enjoyed it Bridget, thanks for your company too, it seemed to be well received and we didn't lose anyone!

Stroller   on 14/03/22 @ 7:46 said:

Thanks for staging a fabulous walk yesterday. I don't think any of the group would have or had considered a route up and around Whernside from Dent.
I am looking forward to your future invites and imaginative ideas on Ingleboro and Pen-Y-Ghent. 04:00am🤔 i will never say never!

SaltyMcSaltface   on 14/03/22 @ 9:01 said:

Great day, great walking companions, surprisingly good weather- I won't mention the scampi....😋 A few pics here. If
Thanks Steve- N .

SteveRoamingBiker   on 14/03/22 @ 9:32 said:

Thanks - glad everyone enjoyed it, we were lucky with weather too!

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