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Yes - definitely: going4gold, JohnH, LisaSp, M1960, Dudu, Helvellyn40, Lee8, Mac
Yes - maybe: art angela, Susie Hill, Amanda B, Travelling Lady, Kath_T, busyBee
Sorry - can't come: BigBadJohn, MP, Wild Adventuress, Vickster, YorkshireWalkingLass

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JohnH   on 15/01/22 @ 17:58 said:

Obviously, last minute arrangements can make getting a site difficult but I'm up for the basic idea of these possible trips.
Being retired I like avoiding the busy weekends, so mid-week from Mondays suits me. 😀
And I'm happy to be contacted directly.

Wild Adventuress   on 15/01/22 @ 18:10 said:

Depending on weather and exact dates I am interested in joining you for treks and camping this year, or even meet for day walks as, I live in North Lakes

busyBee   on 15/01/22 @ 18:32 said:

I really like this idea, I work 2 days,
But happy to join when I can

Kath_T   on 15/01/22 @ 19:01 said:

I'd be interested as I live in the South Lakes but it would depend on whether I was working as I still work 3 days.

jakcm   on 15/01/22 @ 19:23 said:

Yes potentially I'm free from work 23rd.

Margaret   on 15/01/22 @ 20:12 said:

I'm interested particularly March/April/May...busy with work after that. It's a trek for me though so I'll just join if I can. Happy to be messaged privately as I don't know how long I'll be on this site for!!

Roughtracks   on 15/01/22 @ 20:18 said:

Wild Adventuress: That sounds great.. Yes, the weather forcast and camping are important factors

Roughtracks   on 15/01/22 @ 20:19 said:

Wild Adventuress: That sounds great.. Yes, the weather forecast and camping are important factors

EileenH   on 15/01/22 @ 21:04 said:

I definitely up for camping and walking in these areas, great idea 🙂

LisaSp   on 16/01/22 @ 11:45 said:

That would be great with a few weeks notice. 😊x

Dale   on 16/01/22 @ 13:00 said:

Quite possibly, depending on other stuff I have planned in 😄

Bea (Pebbles)   on 16/01/22 @ 16:37 said:

Same here 😊

dennisgrant   on 16/01/22 @ 19:18 said:

Looks like the photography experts are twitching!

Wild Adventuress   on 16/01/22 @ 19:51 said:

Just realised I'll be flying to Menorca on 31st so I've only got a couple of days free at the end of March. But also happy to meet up and camp later in the year.

M1960   on 16/01/22 @ 20:05 said:

I could be interested if there is going to be company for high-level walks on at least three consecutive days (I would be happy to discuss routes or just tag along) to justify the long journey from Surrey, but maybe not as early as March (ie, not if there is snow or ice on the mountains). To avoid traffic and still get some sleep, I would need a campsite that would let me arrive after midnight, so a latish start on the first day would suit me in that case and may also suit someone wishing to walk on the day they travel. I'm not asking anyone to adapt their plans to suit me - I'll just keep an eye on what is posted (although I'm happy to be contacted).

Susie Hill   on 16/01/22 @ 20:20 said:

This sounds a great invite, Roughtracks-just bought a tent and camped in Borrowdale this year. Slightly cheating as at YHA so plenty of facilities available at the hostel. It would be a bonus to have the company of a small group

Susie Hill   on 16/01/22 @ 20:22 said:

Would be interested in scenic and high level walks- Hoping to revisit Wainwright’s

Bea (Pebbles)   on 16/01/22 @ 20:42 said:

dennisgrant 😂😀🙂

Roughtracks   on 17/01/22 @ 9:50 said:

M1960: That sounds like a plan.. Group discussion in the evenings as to route plans for the next day always a good thing to do in the Wasdale Head Pub lol. High-level routes are fine if the weather is kind and not stuck in clag all day!! Some people might want to do other low-level routes or Moutain Bike or fell run... No rules just meet up at the end of the day to chat about the days adventures.

Susie Hill   on 17/01/22 @ 16:28 said:

I am camping in the Lakes (or more probably, beside ) from Sunday 27/3 to Wednesday 30/3 . Would be lovely to join up for a walk or two....

M1960   on 17/01/22 @ 19:16 said:

Roughtracks: I think clag is almost part and parcel of walking in the mountains! Unless the forecast is for a few days of clear skies, if there is no one else who would want to visit the summits in cloud (or rain) then I would give the invite a miss.
By the way, I no longer run (not clear unless my profile is opened), and I wasn't a fell runner anyway (far too clumsy!)

Roughtracks   on 19/01/22 @ 11:42 said:

Just been in touch with Wasdale head to check they are still OK with just turning up!
Their Reply:-
There’s no need to book, we have never had to turn people away in the past so we will have space.
It is first come first served, and our price is £6.00 per person per night, pay on arrival at the hotel reception, this includes toilets and a sink/washup area and, for £1 each, hot showers exclusively for campers. (towels/toiletries can be provided for an extra charge, with a refundable deposit required for towels).
If you are arriving by car you can unload at the entrance to the site, but may have to park on the village green (400 metres away) in the unlikely event that the hotel car park is ful

Roughtracks   on 19/01/22 @ 11:44 said:

I think I will go on The Sunday 27th and miss Monday work traffic!

M1960   on 19/01/22 @ 19:20 said:

The Wasdale Head website ( ) says no arrivals after 10pm, but I e-mailed them last year to ask if I could arrive later midweek (in July) and was told that would be fine. In the end, I didn't go – if I want to this time (and I would obviously be as quiet as possible) I would check again, although on a Sunday I would likely arrive before 10pm anyway. Whether I come depends on the ground conditions, and the forecast together with what others have in mind. I know the area quite well (although it's a while since I've been there) and I would be happy to discuss/suggest routes, share navigation (but I'm not a mountain leader), or just tag along on high-level walks.

Roughtracks   on 20/01/22 @ 15:01 said:

M1960: Great.. Not a problem and routes are all up for discussion depending on the.

Roughtracks   on 20/01/22 @ 15:02 said:

Roughtracks:.. Depending on the group. So many to choose from!

going4gold   on 20/01/22 @ 18:24 said:

Just a thought but Wasdale does have the highest rainfall in the lakes
Langdale could be a better option for a variety of levels of walk as Loughrigg , Grisedale , little Langdale etc all close by .. But of course very much the organisers choice and Wasdale is a great spot also

going4gold   on 20/01/22 @ 18:25 said:

And length of day for March as most walks in Wasdale are high level and long days .. But again just throwing in thoughts

JohnH   on 20/01/22 @ 19:47 said:

I think that the Seathwaite valley south of Seatoller claims to have the highest rainfall but any mountains near the west coast always gets more than their fair share of rain 😮
I agree, Great langdale is an excellent location and it offers a wider range of accommodation

JohnH   on 21/01/22 @ 14:23 said:

I've now booked the Great langdale NT site for 4 nights starting on Sunday 27th 😀
I was able to get a booking for my campervan with electric hook up so I'll have all the home comforts!!! 😀😊

JohnH   on 21/01/22 @ 14:45 said:

I've booked the Great Langdale site after swapping a few messages with Roughtracks as this now seems to be the venue for the end of March.
Also, for other campervaners, I tried to book online and it didn't give me the option of a van with hook up but when I contacted them by email they were able to do so, hence I've got a pitch with hook up for the 4 nights.

dennisgrant   on 22/01/22 @ 14:19 said:

Very tempted to come.Will be my puppies first camping trip. Whether he will be up for walks will depend on how well he copes with rest periods being carried in a rucksack.Also how I cope with carrying him in a rucksack! No rain please.

TC   on 23/01/22 @ 19:49 said:

How long are people staying in Great Langdale? I might be nearby on Thursday and Friday and could call in to the campsite/pub to say hello if anyone is still around.

Roughtracks   on 24/01/22 @ 15:43 said:

TC: Hi.. Thursday will be my heading home day as I have work starting on Saturday near London☹

going4gold   on 30/01/22 @ 19:51 said:

TC - likely to be ambling up and down Wansfell on Thursday on route home and would be lovely to see you if you want to join or meet for tea and cake in Ambleside after

JohnH   on 30/01/22 @ 22:21 said:

Hi TC, I'll be heading home on the Thursday but I'll be walking somewhere before I go and if the weather's good I may extend the trip to the weekend.

M1960   on 30/01/22 @ 23:57 said:

For a third high-level route from the campsite, I would suggest Bow Fell via The Band and the climbers' traverse (no rock climbing involved!), Esk Pike, Esk Hause, Angle Tarn, and down Rossett Gill, with short out and back detours optional to include the summits of Allen Crags and Rossett Pike. (If people wish to avoid using The Band twice, then the descent on going4gold's route 1 could be via Buscoe Sike instead - or, if people don't wish to include the climbers' traverse, then the ascent could be via Buscoe Sike.)
Other possibilities include Great Carrs, Swirl How and Wetherlam, or Scafell Pike.

TC   on 05/02/22 @ 10:57 said:

Thanks for replies. Will keep an eye on this and get over if I can. Should be able to do tea and cake G4G!

busyBee   on 09/02/22 @ 21:01 said:

Looking at Langdale for Sunday Monday, I too am off to Menorja on the Thursday 😎🤞

Mac   on 17/02/22 @ 8:20 said:

Got two well behaved dogs if that’s not a problem and a car which can act as a dog kennel.

JohnH   on 17/02/22 @ 12:28 said:

I've added the Thursday night to my stay at Langdale as I'm joining Deyna's weekend at Watermillock

Helvellyn40   on 18/02/22 @ 11:14 said:

I'v booked the campsite for 3 nights from Sunday 27th.

Roughtracks   on 18/02/22 @ 17:46 said:


Wild Adventuress   on 28/02/22 @ 19:29 said:

Booked Great Langdale NT site for Monday and Tuesday. Need to pack for Menorca on Wednesday!

Wild Adventuress   on 02/03/22 @ 10:34 said:

If you are reserving tables for evening meals, I will definitely be around for Monday night!

Roughtracks   on 02/03/22 @ 18:45 said:

I will be contacting Stickle Barn tomorrow to get a table for at least six- ten on the Monday night
I think 7.30 ?

Helvellyn40   on 03/03/22 @ 17:47 said:

Roughtracks: There is the Old Dungeon Ghyll, which is nearer to the campsite. There is also the Wainwright inn, which is near Chapel Stile, about 2 miles from the campsite.

Roughtracks   on 03/03/22 @ 18:07 said:

Hi … just sent Wainwright inn an email asking for a booking … no reply yet.. I’ll update as soon as they get back to me 🍷

Roughtracks   on 04/03/22 @ 9:28 said:

Old dungeon Gill open for meals between 5 - 8pm no booking!

Kath_T   on 15/03/22 @ 20:01 said:

Sorry I won't be able to attend this meet up because I'll be working. I'll leave myself as a maybe because I'd like to come along to future meet ups. Have a great time on this one.

Lee8   on 17/03/22 @ 13:48 said:

I have booked on to Gt. Langdale campsite from Sun 27th - Friday 1st April 2022.

Roughtracks   on 17/03/22 @ 17:52 said:

Hope this weather holds for this trip 🌞 My first camping trip of 2022. Will pop a very small red bunting flag attached to one of the guy lined if anyone arrives and not sure which are are OD group people… come and say hi!

M1960   on 17/03/22 @ 21:57 said:

The NT Great Langdale site rules ( ) include under 'Maximum occupancy':
'The maximum number of adults allowed in any party is four. This applies whether you book together or separately. The only exception is for official groups such as Duke of Edinburgh or Scouts.' (The first sentence is in bold type.)

JohnH   on 26/03/22 @ 9:24 said:

Hi, I'll be arriving sometime on the Sunday, not sure yet. But to meet up on the site for those who don't know me I'll be in my high roof white Transit camper reggie: YF15 EYJ or I'm easily recognisable by my shock of white hair 😂😂
See you all there

Roughtracks   on 26/03/22 @ 18:41 said:

Arrived Saturday morning. After a bit of outdoor shop therapy in Ambleside!! Site quit busy with the good weather… but most will be heading home tomorrow. Old dungeon hill is packed…think I heard someone running up a guitar so there might be a bit of entertainment!

Wild Adventuress   on 28/03/22 @ 7:00 said:

Still in north Wales but returning today. Sorry can't make walk today but will try to join tomorrow.
Have a great day!!

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